Why Quantitative Interpretation?

QI at Sound QI Solutions Ltd. (Sound QI) jointly calibrates all available seismic, petrophysical and production knowledge to create reliable, accurate reservoir interpretations. QI delivers high-quality, detailed reservoir characterizations to markedly improve exploration and development results while significantly reducing risk.
Sound QI’s QI service transforms seismic data into reservoir character interpretations, which not only promotes collaboration between geophysicists, geologists, engineers and management, but also helps establish net present values earlier, rank prospects, test scenarios, build a drilling inventory and investigate specific drilling locations.

Why Sound QI Solutions?

  • Decision-ready deliverables
  • Rigorous data methods
  • Proprietary in-house workflows
  • QI-Pro software
  • People you can work with

What we Offer

Well Data Crossplot Analysis
Data from existing wells provides petrophysical crossplot templates and a plan for classifying seismic attribute volumes.
Rock Physics Modelling
Rock physics models predict seismic attribute behaviour where little or no well data is available.
Seismic Attribute Volume Creation
Data preparation, AVO, inversion for impedance and density, multi-attribute analysis for specific rock property prediction.
Seismic Attribute Volume Classification
QI-ProTM transforms esoteric seismic attribute volumes into universally understood reservoir character interpretations—in real-time.
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