Sound QI Solutions Ltd. is a quantitative solutions company. We integrate seismic data, well data, rock physics and geological intuition to deliver products with integrity that make a difference to exploration and development decisions. Our consulting services combine the best tools with experienced professional staff who not only listen to data and algorithms, but also listen to our clients and understand the big picture. Our signature software, QI-ProTM, is the interpretive environment that combines information and knowledge logically, creatively and practically.
QI-ProTM software is an easy-to-use suite of tools for interactively generating reservoir realizations that are jointly calibrated to all available seismic, petrophysical and production knowledge.
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  • Drop by our booth at GeoConvention, May 7-9 in Calgary. Sound QI Solutions and Lumina Technologies are pleased to be sharing Booth 204 at GeoConvention 2018. Come visit us! Test drive QI-Pro including new features such as colouring by third attributes, deviated wells and more.
  • GeoConvention 2018 Technical Program – talks by Sound QI Solutions team members:
    • Dennis Ellison, Geophysicist, Tuesday, May 8 9:00 – 9:25
      Imaging complex structures with statics and near-surface corrections coupled to depth migration
    • Dennis Ellison, Geophysicist, Wednesday, May 9 11:00 – 11:25
      Qualitative comparisons of surface deformation over a SAGD reservoir in Alberta
    • Carl Reine, Chief Geophysicist, Wednesday, May 9 1:50-2:15
      Improving facies classification in the presence of gas with joint PP-PS inversion